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The Cuba Solidarity Campaign is the British campaign for the defence of Cuba and its peoples' right to self-determination and national sovereignty. It is part of a world-wide movement aimed at forcing the USA to end its illegal blockade of Cuba.  This site is produced by the Manchester group of the campaign.
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There is no similar case of such a sustained assault by one power on another - in this case the greatest superpower against a poor, Third World country - for 40 years of terror and economic warfare.    Noam Chomsky,  Rogue States,  (Pluto 2000)

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4/4/07  Reflections of President Fidel Castro:  The internationalization of genocide  (from Granma)  On Bush and biofuels

and, after Fidel...   article by Ignacio Ramonet from the Guardian

Spotlight on US aggression against Cuba 

Know your enemy:  McCain promises aggression and destabilisation against hope in Venezuela, Cuba and America.
"We must also work together to counter the propaganda of demagogues who threaten the security and prosperity of the Americas. Hugo Chávez has overseen the dismantling of Venezuela's democracy by undermining the parliament, the judiciary, the media, free labor unions, and private enterprises. His regime is acquiring advanced military equipment. And it is trying to build a global anti-American axis. My administration will work to marginalize such nefarious influences. It will also prepare immediately for Cuba's transition to democracy by developing a plan with regional and European partners for a post-Castro Cuba so as to be ready to spark rapid change in that long-suffering country when the time comes. We must build on the passage of the Central America Free Trade Agreement by ratifying pending trade agreements with Colombia, Panama, and Peru and move the process of completing a Free Trade Area of the Americas forward."  source

Report by Cuba on the US blockade - lack of progress by USA since being censured by UN resoulation 62/3

Embargoes, Blacklists and Assassination Plots: Bush's New Cuba Plan   By former US diplomat Wayne S. Smith 
Counterpunch 13 July 2006

And the secret appendix:  "Everything in the document reflects the will to undertake, sooner or later, the annexation of the island of Cuba. Everything is written by the imperial power and its lackeys in a tone that would delight individuals like Orlando Bosch, Luis Posada Carriles, Santiago Alvarez and other killers, whose dreams of a Cuba subjected to the empire are reflected in the very existence of the withheld appendix, an augury of fresh aggression."  .......more

Global Exchange's
Summary Of 500 Page Report on the so called Commission for A Free Cuba    - the Bush plan to destabilise Cuba and put in place a free market dictatorship.

What is the impact of the blockade?

The Bush Plan
...will take away forever your morning goodbye kiss, the hug at the end of school,  as well as the glint in your eye.
Thanks, but we already live in a Free Cuba.

Cuba under threat: CSC briefing paper on the new US sanctions

The United States tightens its anti-Cuban embargo: new curtailment of freedoms - Remy Herrera

The Bush plan for Cuba by SHARMINI PERIES
'President Bush's recently unveiled plan to bring down the Fidel Castro government in Cuba bears close resemblance to the one for Iraq and is designed with the 2004 Presidential election in focus.'

13 July, 2006  200 MPs call on government to distance UK from US aggression
towards Cuba  

In the same week that the Bush administration has adopted a much trumpeted plan to force regime change in Cuba, 200 MPs from all parties have now signed a Commons motion calling on the UK and Europe to improve their relations with the island.  ...more
(see also the Cuban 5 / Miami 5)

EEUU bombardea, tortura, secuestra y hace desaparecer ciudadanos en todo el mundo, normaliza la guerra preventiva y liquida la presunción de inocencia, legaliza las ejecuciones extrajudiciales y se niega a suscribir 21 tratados internacionales (incluido el de Eliminación de la Discriminación contra las Mujeres y el de Defensa de los Derechos de los Niños) y al día siquiente elabora y obliga a aprobar en Ginebra una resolución a fin de que se verifique el respeto de los derechos humanos en Cuba. Santiago Alba

18 April 2005

The United States bombs, tortures, kidnaps and make citizens disappear all over the world, normalises the idea of preventative war and does away with the presumption of innocence, legalises extrajudicial executions and refuses t o sign 21 international treaties (including that on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women and that on the Defence of the Rights of the Child) and the next day formulates and forces the approval in Geneva of a resolution with the aim of  promoting the respect of human rights in Cuba.
Santiago Alba

18 April 2005

Cuba isn't hated by the United States government because of any supposed repression of its citizens; there are dozens of countries around the world who would deserve the focus of such anger that the U.S. reserves for Cuba, but most of them are U.S. allies. Cuba isn't even hated by the United States because it's a tiny area of the world where the capitalist system can't extract additional profits, because the potential amounts involved wouldn't put a dent in the bottom line of the U.S. economy. No, Cuba is hated by the United States, and has been the object of attempts to overthrow its government by military force or economic pressure for 46 years, because of the example it sets for the people of the world. The example that a country, even a small country just 90 miles from the United States, can actually chart an independent course in the world, a course involving an independent foreign policy and an economic system designed around the needs of its own people, and not around the needs of multinational corporations.  ELI STEPHENS  Counterpunch
Report by Cuba to the UN General Assembly on the impact of the blockade, 2006 version  pdf file  NEW
Summary (CSC Web page)

Article by National CSC on the blockade  (

Reporters Without Borders Unmasked: Its Secret Deal with Otto Reich to Wreck Cuba's Economy
Counterpunch May 17, 2005  By DIANA BARAHONA

Even the Pope called for an end to  the blockade !
(not Ratzinger - the previous one)

No War on Cuba - US site. Cuba Should Not be on the Terrorist List International Policy Report by Wayne S. Smith, Robert Muse, and Glenn Baker, November 2004 [PDF format]

Britain wants Cuba taken off the USA list of terrorist states

Families for Justice - site of the families of those murdered in the bombing of the October 6 1979 Cubana airline flight over Barbados.

Bush Charges Castro with Promoting Sex Tourism By SAUL LANDAU (Counterpunch)

Terrorists who planned to murder Fidel Castro now walking the streets of Miami while antiterrorists languish in US prisons.


For the 55th session of the U.N.'s Subcommission of Human Rights, presented at the end of July 03 in Geneva.

also by Rémy Herrera: SOLIDARITY WITH CUBA IN MUMBAI(pdf file)

"Payment for Services Rendered": US-funded Dissent and the "Independent    Libraries Project" in Cuba
   By Rhonda L. Neugebauer, Bibliographer, Latin American Studies    University of California, Riverside

Terrorism and Civil Society as Instruments of U.S. Policy in Cuba By Philip Agee  

'Press conference by Foreign Minister of the Repúblic of Cuba, Felipe Pérez Roque on the mercenaries at the  service of the empire who stood trial on April 3,4,5 and 7, 2003. Havana City, April 9, 2003'  This very clear presentation counters the various misrepresentations outside Cuba of the trials of these people imprisoned for working for the USA.   In passing Pérez Roque contrasts the treatment of these oppositionists with that of the 5 Cubans imprisoned in the USA by a Miami kangaroo court
(see Cuban 5 / Miami 5 prisoners).


OPINION: TRIALS IN CUBA  and Letter from Cuban intellectuals
Puts the recent actions against the so-called dissidents into perspective of the United  States' (also known for external rendition, torture, carpet bombing, weapons of mass destruction, finance of terrorism, etc, etc) 40 year aggression against Cuba.

... and just for comparison - try this for justice Texan style!

Operation Northwoods
In his new exposé of the National Security Agency entitled Body of Secrets, author James Bamford highlights a set of proposals on Cuba by the Joint Chiefs of Staff codenamed OPERATION NORTHWOODS. This document, titled Justification for U.S. Military Intervention in Cuba; was provided by the JCS to Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara on March 13, 1962, as the key component of Northwoods. Written in response to a request from the Chief of the Cuba Project, Col. Edward Lansdale, the Top Secret memorandum describes U.S. plans to covertly engineer various pretexts that would justify a U.S. invasion of Cuba.

Cuba has placed a set of flags outside the US interests office in Havana.  These commemorate some of the 3,000 Cubans killed by US sponsored terrorism since 1959.  They also obscure the propaganda board set up by this US destabilisation office.

Action calls

Posada released.

Fighting Terror Selectively: Washington and Posada  Bush cries terror where there is none. Meanwhile, he protects the real terrorists in our midst.    by Prof Marjorie Cohn, (Thomas Jefferson School of Law, president of the National Lawyers Guild, and the U.S. representative to the executive committee of the American Association of Jurists)  Global Research, May 10, 2007

Extradite him to stand trial in Venezuela for blowing up Cubana flight 455! Families for Justice website - frequent updates on the case   en castellano
Full briefing and action links

more background articles: 
Posada Carriles: Why He Matters  Posada Carriles and Bush's Anti-Terror Hoax
Newly released files point to Posada's involvement: 
Bombing of Cuban Jetliner
30 Years Later  Toothpaste Disguised Plastic Explosives in 1976 Terrorist Attack, Confessions, Kissinger Reports, and Overview of Posada Career  posted on   National Security Archive.

Sign the petition for Cuba
             '...At this very moment, a strong campaign of destabilization against a Latin American nation has been
                                    unleashed. The harassment against Cuba could serve as a pretext for an invasion. Therefore, we
                                    call upon citizens and policy makers to uphold the universal principles of
                                    national sovereignity, respect of territorial integrity and self-determination, essential to just and
                                    peaceful co-existence among nations'. ====>>>>>> Sign now online  signatories include
                                    Noam Chomsky, Tariq Ali, Eduardo Galeano.

Fax your MP  (and MEP, councillor) - call for an end to the blockade


BBC Complaint form - use it if you see misleading coverage of Cuba - and let the campaign know too - email national office  

Support for legislation enabling travel to Cuba - US based site:  this campaign is gathering strength.   See also  US Cuba Normalization

Cuban 5 / Miami 5 / Prisoners of the empire

16 June 2009  US Supreme Court turns down the 5's  appeal
CSC news
Statement from Ricardo Alarcon
Free the 5  (Cuba)
Free the 5  USA

On Monday 15 June, the US Supreme Court refused to review the convictions of the Miami 5.
'It's a form of torture'  In 1998, five Cuban men were arrested for infiltrating groups in the US that were plotting attacks on Cuba. They have not received a fair trial and two have not seen their families since. Duncan Campbell in The Guardian 6 October 2008

Cuba 5 -
the song

We need a jury of Millions - Gerardo Hernández  September 2008

Nobel laureates demand justice for Miami Five  Guardian Sept 30

At last some publicity about this injustice in a mainstream US newspaper - The New York Times: Fate of 5 in U.S. Prisons Weighs on Cubans' Minds  by James C. McKinley Jr. August 5, 2007
Is it possible...? Terrorists free, anti-terrorists in prison? With Bush, everything is possible!
by Michel Collon and Vanessa Stojilkovic   from
Global Research
Various links:- The Case of the Cuban Five Honor and Injustice By JOSÉ PERTIERRA  Counterpunch  April 27, 2006

August 2005 The five win their appeal, but remain unjustly imprisoned. 
CSC link
Today August 9, 2005, the three magistrates mandated by the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals to hear the case of the Five
 released their decision, unanimously ruling to reverse their convictions and order a new trial.   The Court of Appeals
recognized the right of the Five to be tried fairly in a non coercive atmosphere and to have a fair trial. 
Full court judgement.

And then ..... On August 9th 2006, exactly one year after a three judge panel of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta, Georgia unanimously revoked the sentences of the Miami Five, a majority of the full court of twelve judges has ruled against the decision, reinstated the sentences, denied a Five a new trial, and ordered the case back to the original panel for consideration of the remaining nine issues.  Meanwhile the Five remain incarcerated in maximum-security prisons characterised by violence and lockdowns while their families.. continue to experience delays and difficulties in obtaining visas for visits.  All too aware of the  political nature of their case they know that there are many hurdles yet to be cleared before they receive ultimate justice and that the prosecution will buy as much time as possible while the US administration continues its vendetta against the Cuban people and tries to take advantage of Fidel's incapacity. (Geoff Bottoms August 2006.)  September 2006 - three weeks of Interntional Action for the 5.

UN working group denounces imprisonment of Cuban Five

Cuba and the War on Terrorism (warning large file, 1.16 Megabytes, inPDF format)  - 40 page pamphlet from Sheffield CSC.

Chomsky on the five and other matters (interview on his first trip to Cuba 28/10/2003)



Free the 5 Campaign (USA)
Free the Five cubaweb site  (Cuba)
Antiterroristas (in English)  (Cuba)

          Chomsky Interview With Radio Havana  August 28, 2003  US Refuses Terrorism Intelligence
         Cooperation with Cuba as it would Lead Back to US Terrorists

President of the National Assembly, Republic of Cuba
Free the Miami 5  (.pdf file)  link to Blackpool and Fylde CSC's page on the Miami 5 Tribute display for the 5 in the Pinar del Rio countryside.  

Other Cuba Links and News

Our country is blockaded by the only superpower and almost blockaded by Europe, but these together will not be able todefeat the Cuban revolution, among other things because together they do not have and will never have either the human capital or the moral values to do what socialist Cubahas been able to do.

Fidel Castro  8/9/2003

The seeds of Latin America's rebirth were sown in Cuba:  There was one region that saw the bankruptcy of neoliberalism - and now the rest of the world is having to catch up.  Seamus Milne in the Guardian Jan 29 2009

Monday 18 February 2008 Fidel retires from the presidency:  Video tribute (sorry about the ad. and use of the term 'dictator' - but otherwise OK)   Video profile of Raúl  both from the Guardian.
Audio interview with James Petras (Spanish)

Raúl Castro's Camagüey speech A translation of the full text of the address by Cuba's Vice President Raúl Castro Ruz on 26th July 2007, the 54th Anniversary of the attack on the Moncada Barracks.  Alternative link 

The moral bankruptcy of the European Union in its policies towards Cuba  by Salim Lamrani  Global Research, May 14, 2007

Health in Cuba
First world results on a third world budget  Rory Carroll Guardian Wednesday September 12, 2007   On the high standard of health and health care in Cuba.   Shame Carrol has since written some really scurrilous pieces about Cuba.
See two responses that contextualise this artticle in terms of the blockade (Rob Miller) and the privatisation of the UK National Health Service (London Metropolitan University).Michael Moore's new film  Sicko has some interesting comparisons of health service systems in the USA Canada, UK, France and Cuba -   Interview  with Democracy Now at  this link.  
The idea of the polyclinic.  This model is now being discussed in the context of the British National Health Service.  This briefing note from Manchester CSC  explains that it is effective in Cuba but as part of a comprehensive primary care led public health service with an emphasis on prevention.
Timor, Cuba - and the making of a medical superpower  Every year Cuba, a Majority World country of only 10 million people, sends more than 30,000 volunteer medical workers to 93 countries around the world. Surgeon Katherine Edyvane recounts the little-told story from first-hand experience.   From New Internationalist magazine, Oct 2008

Link to WHO map of the World showing number of inhabitants per medical doctor.  Cuba - 170:1, i.e 170 people per doctor.  In the same area - Haití - 4.000:1,  Jamaica - 1.200:1, Guatemala - 1.100:1,  México - 500:1    USA has 390 or 470:1, depending on the state.  UK has 440:1 and  Africa  has between 30.000 and 50.000 residents per doctor.   This isn't the only index of health provision, but the comparisons speak for themselves.  NEW

Comparative data on UK, US, OECD, EU, Cuban health services. Health services and efficiency: comparative performance of the NHS over 40 years.

Infant mortality in Cuba second lowest in the Americas
Cuba's infant mortality rate (deaths in first year per thousand live births for 2006 was 5.3.  This is a ten fold reduction since the early 1960s and puts Cuba ahead of hte USA.  Yet another reason why Cuba's example matters.
see original article (in Spanish)     See comparative data for other countries over time (spreadhsheet)


Green Cuba

World Wildlife Fund Living Planet report (2006) shows that Cuba is the only country developing without damaging the ecosystem 
While the rest of the world is busy destroying the ecosystem, a report published by the World Wildlife Fund claims that the only country in the world with "sustainable development" is Cuba.
WWF includes in its report a graph which shows two features: the human development index (established by the United Nations) and the so-called "ecological footprint" which shows the per person energy and resources consumed in each country. Only Cuba has 'passed' in both arenas, which is enough to be designated a country that "meets the minimum sensitivity criteria". link for the full report:

Cuba ranks 50th on the HDI and outperforms its predicted ranking on the basis of GDP by 43 places! 
The study's authors credit the high level of literacy, long life expectancy and low consumption of energy for this success. Things should improve further - 2006 was the Year of the Energy Revolution in Cuba.
This independent finding contrasts with the lies about Cuba's environment in the report of the Commisison for Free Cuba (sic) produced by the non-Kyoto signing Petroleum oligarchy that runs the USA.

BBC Food Programme - from Havana to London !

Antonio Núñez Jiménez Foundation for Nature and Humanity

Climate change: the neo-liberal market is the problem, not the solution  The speech of Cuba's Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque at the UN meeting of world leaders on climate change on Monday 24th September 2007.

The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil review By Megan Quinn
From Permaculture Activist  Spring 2006  
Order the film from
Cuba Connect

CUBA’S ORGANIC REVOLUTION  Walter Schwarz  from Resurgence issue 212 May / June 2002



The Human Rights Question
Given the continuing assertion that Cuba is a Human Rights abuser, this new section will collect information on the true situation there.  No state (and certainly not the UK nor USA) has a perfect record on Human Rights - Cuba's record is actually better than most.  Moreover, Cuba defends the rights of all its citizens to health, education and shelter, something that is unique in the Americas.  What compromises have been made in Cuba (and this is not to defend them) must be understood in relation to the ongoing aggression against the island's independence (see above). Cuban Submissions to the UN Commission on Human Rights July 2005  1   2    3  

A stick to beat Cuba:  US bullying of the UN human rights group must stop. 
The Guardian newspaper:  15 April 2005 - Ian Gibson MP

CUBA: A letter to Amnesty USA   by Australian academic Tim Anderson (March 22 2005)   see also Double Standards at Amnesty by the same author August 2004.

Despite US Blockade, Cuba Opening Doors To Internet  By Angel Rodriguez Alvarez  AIN Special Service

The Status of Gays in Cuba: Myth and Reality - 20/03/2006 By Larry R. Oberg  - Cuban Libraries Solidarity Group (updated version of article first published in November-December 2001 issue (v.8, no.6) of The Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide).

Havana Rights, by Calvin Tucker (The Guardian 28/03/07) Plans to legalise gay marriage and offer sex change operations free of charge mean Cuba is set to become the most socially liberal country in the Americas.
What are Cuban prisons like?  Inside Cuba's Prisons: Health Care and Vocational Training  published in People's Voice, May 1-15, 2004, Vol. 12, No. 5  

Imperialist blockade and CIA anti-gay extortion Behind the 1980 'Mariel boatlift' By Leslie Feinberg  Apr 27, 2007  original pub. Lavender and Red.


Cuba's achievements in Human Development (from 2007 UN Human Development Report)

Education in Cuba - the UNESCO 2000 report (summary).

Other Cuba information

Extension of ALBA ("DAWN")- Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas to include Bolivia - text of the agreement: 

Harold Pinter  wins Nobel Prize for literature - read his piece from 1996 against the Helms Burton law.

Fidel's Final Victory By Julia E. Sweig From Foreign Affairs, January/February 2007 wise words from an unlikely source

Hurricanes - the Cuban model
In September 2004, Cuba endured Ivan, the fifth-largest hurricane  ever to hit the Caribbean, with sustained winds of 124 miles per hour.  Cuba evacuated almost 2 million people--more than 15 percent of the  total population. One hundred thousand people were evacuated within  the first three hours. An incredible 78 percent of those evacuated  were welcomed into other people's homes. Children at boarding schools  were moved. Animals and birds were moved. No one was killed. The UN  declared this to be a model of disaster preparation.

Cuba, a country blockaded and isolated by the U.S. for 45 years has  been able to evacuate millions of people in an orderly fashion without  loss of life. Natural disasters do not have to be catastrophes.
From International Action Centre:

see also: 

Weathering the Storm: Lessons in Risk Reduction from Cuba.  Oxfam  research paper  Published: April 2004

Peter Hain MP - Leader of the House of Commons
I am absolutely opposed to military action being taken against Cuba and also opposed to the continuing blockade of Cuba by the United States. I visited Cuba two years ago and was very impressed with the social advances that have been made despite all the pressure from the US.”   Read more -  CSC report Cracks in the special relationship: Britain, the United States and Cuba

Cuba Travel Project.  "For decades, U.S. policy has been to isolate the Cuba the rest of the world. This embargo is detrimental not only to the Cuban people: it is a deliberate end-run around First Amendment guarantees of freedom to travel. CCR's Cuba Travel Project is the only institutional effort to defend Americans [sic  - they mean US citizens] who exercise this basic constitutional right. "

NEW TOURISM REGULATIONS: How a code of ethics became an international story - and why your daily newspaper got it all wrong.   From Canadian Network on Cuba.

Trinidad and Tobago Cuba Solidarity     

Capitalism versus socialism: The great debate revisited  James Petras,  from Rebelión

Soy Cubano:   Cuban cultural site with online store.

Cuban Libraries Solidarity Group   Works to support Cuba's network of public libraries, donating books, providing information about Cuba and its library system.

Amigos de Cuba:  Based in Vancouver - English and Spanish versions

Countering the accusation that Cuba is producing biological weapons. Useful compilation by Peter Bell.  There is no evidence that Cuba is doing this.  Even a recent emigre from the Cuban biological research industry says there is no truth in the allegation.


Voice of the dark corners Fidel Castro The Guardian (!) Thursday March 6, 2003

Cuban Government Statement on terrorist atttacks on US cities

Some notes on Cuban Education From Speech by Fidel Castro,  Havana, September 16, 2002

James Petras on the responsibility (and irresponsibility) of intellectuals.

Statements from Cuba on the WTC terrorist attack and Cuba's opposition to terrorism

Salud International   Trade Union based charity supporting Cuban health services through material aid on an impressive scale (whole shiploads of ambulances and health service equipment).  Also developing a variety of new projects, including collaboration with Cuba's internationalist support for other third world countries' health services.

CSC Fact file on Cuba
Lots of useful information about Cuba

Cuban Posters   Manchester CSC member Steve Barker has put together a good collection on this site about the Cuban tradition of using posters for political and artistic expression.  newly updated Steve sells original posters exported with the proper permissions from Cuba.
More from Steve - Cuba and elsewhere


Let Cuba Live  Group in Maine, USA.

A brief history of Cuba - concise summary from the Cuba Organic Support group

US-Cuba Sister Cities Association

Inside Cuba's Legal System, from the San Francisco (USA) Bay Guardian (on Global Exchange Website)

Comments by Dr. Osvaldo Martinez, Cuban Economist, on the proposed Free Trade Area of the Americas. April 20, 2001.

Cuba and alleged terrorism: The facts

Centro de Información para la Prensa / Information Centre for  the Press   Cuban site with links to various Cuban media (Spanish)

AIN:  National Press Agency   - with English for selected stories
Prensa Latina
  -  Cuba's international press agency - has English section

Cuba's Daily Paper  - English online edition
Radio Havana
Transcripts of broadcasts, daily.
Temas:Cuban journal of critical refection, ideology and culture.  In Spanish.  Noted (for example by Manuel Vazquez Montalban) for its openness.  Published quarterly, recent editions available on this site.

The bearded crocodile (El Caiman Barbudo) Cuban on-line literary magazine - with poems by Antonio Guerrero, one of the five prsioners of the US empire

La Jiribilla - online Cuban culture magazine (in Spanish) also hasMP3 music clips

Our Critical Review of the Wim Wenders Film:  Buena Vista Social Club
The not so hidden message of Wenders' film.

Cuba Organic Support Group Excellent site by green socialists in solidarity with
Cuba's organic revolution.
Report on Integrated Centre for Appropriate Technology by Simon Brown, one of our members.

Cuban Projects in Sustainable Development Global exchange page on Cuban progress on environmental protection,  renewable energy, organic food production, etc.

Cuba infomed site -links to many other Cuba related sites

Map of Cuba

A revolution in good health  from the online magazine: Spectrazine

Che lives: Web site with information on Che Guevara, quotations, pictures etc.


Yet more Cuba links (national CSC website)

Websites in Cuba  (mostly spanish)

Amigos de Cuba  Agentinian Cuba solidarity organisation (en castellano)

International Action Centre:
From inside the empire, against US imperialism and for people's needs.  Good Cuba coverage.

Global Exchange
Good source of information on Cuba, again from inside the empire

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Friendly, related and interesting organisations

Link your site to ours, and we'll reciprocate!

International Institute for the Study of Cuba  at London Met. University.

21st century socialism
New UK (2006) based website, very good.  The title comes (we think) from a Hugo Chávez speech.

Ocean Press:
   Excellent range of books on Cuba from this Australian Publisher
Pathfinder Press
   Also has a good Cuba section - particularly good on Che Guevara


Networking Newsletter:    picture free .pdf version Activism in Manchester

Red Pepper:
Radical Red / Green Magazine

Media Lens    correcting for the distorted vision of the corporate media.

International Action Centre:
   From inside the empire, against US imperialism and for people's needs.  Good Cuba coverage.
Global Exchange
Good source of information on Cuba, again from inside the empire

Pathfinder Press
Also has a good Cuba section - particularly good on Che Guevara

World Social Forum  The World Social Forum, hosted by the Brazilian Workers' Party in Porto Alegre.  Interesting site     with lots of links on the struggle against global capitalism.  Includes library of readings.

Race and Class / Institute of Race Relations:   good source of material on struggles against racism, xenophobia, and imperialism / globalisation.

Global research - Centre for Research on Globalization (Canada)  Myth busting investigations that help us understand the broader context of imperialism.

Peoples' Global Action   Canadian site with information, campaigns, links on activism against the various schemes of global capital and its proxies like the IMF, World Bank, and World Trade Organisation, as well as the US government.

School of the Americas Watch  Campaign to close down the School of the Americas.  While Cuba has an international school that provides free education in medicine to students from poor countries, the USA has an international school that teaches the military and police forces of Latin America techniques of repression.


Morning Star Newspaper  the only socialist daily paper in Britain - news the other papers don't cover:  you can order it from your newsagent.  Now why doesn't the Today programme cover its content?  Now a subscription site - but you can read the editorial and the front page.

NOTICIAS LATIN AMERICA Spanish Language newspaper and website serving the Latin American community in Britain.  Good coverage of progressive social causes - uses the Cuban Prensa Latina agency for a lot of stories. NLA es un periódico mensual, fundado y establecido en Londres en agosto de 1992. Es un medio dedicado a desarrollar temas como cultura, economía, política, ecología, viajes, música, entre otros, de los 20 países latinoamericanos. Posee un suplemento bilingüe - español inglés -, dirigido a un público interesado en idiomas como universitarios o estudiantes de lenguas. Esta publicación es elaborada por un grupo de periodistas y agencias de prensa especializados en la región.

RebeliónAnother excellent source (mostly but in Spanish, but some English) of analysis of latin American and global politics.  Fine articles on Cuba. C U B A   F R E N T E   A L   I M P E R I O  Rebelión's Cuba page - in Spanish.

inSurGente  Another excellent Spanish site - similar in scope to Rebelión

Defending Health and Social Care:  Rediscovering the Socialist Alternative Compilation of links to resources and references for the struggle against the neoliberalisation of health and social care services.

Other struggles in Latin America

->a compilation of links



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I've defended this government because I believe it embodies the best of our historical and national being. I'm not more openly critical because I'm very clear about the manipulations that would immediately appear. I don't like the idea of being seen as a vicious seeker of stains. And although I have millimeters of disagreement,  I prefer to throw in my luck with the Revolution that has committed itself to the dispossessed and made a social contribution for which it is paying the price of martyrdom.

Silvio Rodríguez



Se dice "Cuba" como se dice "dignidad"  (As you say 'Cuba', so you say 'dignity') 


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